Policy Information for All Parents
Dress Code
We ask that gymnasts wear fitted athletic clothing to class. This can be a tank-top, t-shirt or leotard with leggings or gym shorts. Hair must be pulled back in a bun or high ponytail. For safety reasons, please avoid jewelry. White socks or rhythmic shoes are okay for beginner classes.
Only enrolled gymnasts and coaches are allowed in the training area. We have a TV in the hallway where you can view classes in session.
Make-Up Classes
If a gymnast misses a class, you can request a makeup class by email. Makeup classes do not apply for JO/FIG teams.
Tuition is due on the first day of each month. Monthly fees are based upon a four-week calendar month. Tuition is not adjusted for months with extra days of class or holidays. We do not refund or prorate tuition due to personal travel plans.
Pausing Enrollment
If you intend to travel, we cannot put your enrollment on hold. You can opt to cancel your enrollment and re-register for the class once you return. However, we cannot reserve your spot in the class during your absence.
Cancellation Policy
We require a two weeks notice to avoid being charged the following month. Cancellation can be requested through email. Please note that JO and FIG programs are required to stay enrolled for 11 months.
For Competitive Teams
The JO, FIG and Xcel teams are all 11-month programs that start on August 1st and end in June 30th. It is required that gymnasts to be present throughout the entire duration. Joining any competitive team requires complete commitment, which means gymnasts must arrange their schedules to attend all scheduled practices, Bravo camps, and planned competitions. Active participation is crucial for the safety and success of all our athletes. We have a policy of not canceling memberships before the 11-month period, we can consider an exception in cases of relocation or medical reasons.
Equipment and Uniforms
Gymnasts in the competitive programs are expected to have their own set of rhythmic gymnastics equipment. During training we use various other equipment such as ankle weights and resistance bands which you will need to order. Gymnasts in the competitive teams will also be expected to order practice and competitive uniforms.
USA Gymnastics Membership
All gymnasts who participate in competitions need to register as athlete members of USA Gymnastics and pay the associated membership fee. An invitation email or renewal reminder will be sent to you by a team manager.

Competition Expenses
Parents of competing gymnasts are accountable for covering the costs associated with their coaches' participation in competitions, including travel expenses, such as transportation, food, and lodging. The fees and expenses of coaches are shared equally among all gymnasts attending the event.
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