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About Bravo

Bravo is home to top placing rhythmic gymnasts in the region and nation. Our athletes love coming to Bravo to train hard, enjoy the sport, and build friendship. We take pride in delivering top-level rhythmic gymnastics instruction, emphasizing precise technique with various apparatus such as the rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. We place great emphasis on enhancing body awareness, conditioning, and flexibility all while cultivating essential life skills such as sportsmanship, self-confidence, and a growth mindset. Above all, we offer a secure, healthy, and enjoyable environment where athletes of all levels can immerse themselves in the beauty of rhythmic gymnastics while they learn and grow.

/Beginner Programs

We offer two types of beginner classes, one for children ages 4-6 and another for 6-12. Our beginner classes are specifically designed for girls who have minimal or no prior experience in rhythmic gymnastics, making it an ideal starting point for those venturing into the sport.

Within these classes, our focus revolves around developing fundamental skills. We prioritize aspects such as flexibility, strength, coordination, and introductory work with rope, ball, hoop, and ribbon.

/Beginner Programs

We offer two different beginner classes based on age (4-6 years old and 7-12 years old). The beginner program is perfect for girls with little to no experience in rhythmic gymnastics and are just getting started in the sport.

In these classes we work on the basics and fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics such as flexibility, strength, coordination and basic apparatus work with rope, ball, hoop and ribbon.


Our Pre-Team program offers an intensive experience specifically designed for girls ages 6-8. This program serves as an excellent stepping stone for aspiring athletes who envision themselves progressing into competitive levels in the future. Upon completion of the Pre-Team program, participants will undergo evaluation Xcel and JO (developmental) competitive teams. It is important to note that participation in Pre-Team is exclusively by invitation.


The Xcel program presents an opportunity for young athletes to engage in a positive and fulfilling competitive experience. Designed to accommodate gymnasts with various commitments and activities, this program offers a perfect balance as it requires a lower time commitment. Within our Xcel team, gymnasts participate in local, regional, and national competitions.


The Xcel program offers a positive competitive experience for young athletes. This program is a great fit for gymnasts who want to have a competitive experience in the sport but also have other important commitments or activities, since it is a lower time commitment.

Our Xcel team competes at local, regional and national competitions, offering the girls a chance to have their own routines, leotards, and experiences performing in front of an audience and judges.

/FIG & JO (Developmental)

Our FIG and JO Developmental teams encompass levels 3-10. Athletes in the competitive program actively participate in local, regional, and national competitions, including some of the most prominent events nationwide. It is important to note that membership in these teams are exclusively by invitation.

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